Although several vitamin and nutritional supplements are available in both pill and powder form, powder has several advantages over pill supplements.

Like liquid supplements, powder is more rapidly absorbed by the body than a supplement contained in pill form.  This is one of the reasons that protein powders are superior to protein pills.  Although the topic is hotly debated, many body building experts believe that the ideal time for protein absorption is immediately after exercise.  If you take your protein in pill form, your body isn’t able to utilize the protein in the pill for hours.

In addition, many supplements that are available in powder form are soluble, or dissolvable, in water.  This allows individuals to take their supplements in liquid form, which is both preferable and easier for many people.

Like pill supplements, the active ingredients and enzymes in powder supplements are stable and can last for a relatively long time.  This contrasts with liquid supplements, which sometimes lose their potency over the course of several months.  Because powder supplements are often mixed with liquid for consumption anyway, this means that you get the advantages of both a liquid and a pill supplement!

One drawback of powder supplements is that they tend to come in large containers that take up a decent amount of space.  However, if this isn’t an issue for you, powder supplements are often much cheaper than either pill or liquid counterparts, and you can frequently get great deals on them through online wholesalers.