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1: Create a private label for your product

Private label any product or custom manufacture a new one, and Vitamix Labs will handle all of your order fulfillment needs

  • There are no monthly minimums or hidden fees.
  • Once you have completed your order with Vitamix Labs, your customer service rep will help you setup a fulfillment account.

* The Vitamix Labs fulfillment program is only available to our private label and contract manufacturing customers

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Private Label Product or Custom Manufacture - Vitamix Labs
Stores your Product at Vitamix Labs

2: Vitamix Labs stores your product

Vitamix Labs stores your product(s) in our climate controlled facility and catalogs them for real time pick-and-pick shipping.

  • Your products are cataloged and entered into inventory.
  • We record dimensions and configure shipping options.
  • You can track inventory from your fulfillment account.

Storage Rates

3: Customers Order Your Product

Vitamix Labs fulfills orders placed through websites, retail stores, trade shows, direct sales, e-commerce, office sales, and most other sales mediums.

  • You process your orders and bill customers directly
  • Once the order is ready to ship, you submit it to Vitamix Labs

* Vitamix Labs does not offer merchant or payment processing services.

Order Private Label Supplements
Process of Packing Private label supplements

4: Vitamix Labs will packages your orders

Our fulfillment team prepares your orders to be shipped.

  • Brochures and advertising materials packed at no extra cost.
  • All orders must be received before 3pm EST M-F.


Packaging Rates Our Branding Services

5: Vitamix Labs ships your orders to your customers

Vitamix Labs ships the order directly to your customer. You never have to worry about maintaining inventory or packing boxes.

  • Available couriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx.
  • Tracking numbers for all daily shipments are posted by 6pm EST
  • You can use your own shipping accounts or benefit from our discounted rates. Ask your account rep. for more info about our rates.

* The Vitamix Labs fulfillment program is only available to our private label and contract manufacturing customers.

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Shipping Private label supplements for Customer

Pricing Structure

Fulfillment Services
per order

$ 1.00

Pick & Pack
per unit

$ 0.25

per cu.ft. per week

$ 0.08

per package

Based on Weight and Shipping Preference


Available Services

UPS Ground
UPS 2nd Day Air
UPS Next Day Air

FedEx Ground
FedEx 2Day
FedEx Priority Overnight

USPS International Economy

Example: Rachel’s Resveratrol

Rachel private labels bottles of our antioxidant liquid with resveratrol, and requests that we handle her order fulfillment.

Rachel’s account rep. Robert helps her setup a Vitamix Labs fulfillment account. This account is absolutely free, and can be used anytime to submit new orders, review previous orders, manage inventory, and review tracking information.

Whenever Rachel gets an order, her shopping cart automatically sends the order to our fulfillment system so she’ll never have to worry about orders getting to us on time…

Today at 10AM, Rachel received an order for 6 bottles. Within minutes that order was printed, packaged, logged, and loaded for shipping by our fulfillment specialists.

Total Cost Associated with Rachel’s 6 Bottle Order: $9.45

Fulfillment Service: $1.00 Always a flat free no matter what

Pick & Pack $1.50 = 6 units x $0.25

Shipping: $6.45 The amount UPS charged or 2lbs ground to the destination specified by Rachel.

Governing agencies require diet supplement distributers to store raw materials, supplements, packaging, and labels within restricted temperature, light, and humidity ranges and under conditions that cannot lead to mix-up, contamination, or deterioration. You must follow strict warehouse delineation and record regimens and are subject to government audits. Why not leave the paperwork and stress to Vitamix Laboratories, and let us fulfill your orders for you?

Why bother with the hassle of storing and shipping orders when you can focus that time on optimizing your business in other ways or just spending it on you? Vitamix Laboratories offers effortless order fulfillment with real-time updates. We have a large, climate controlled (HVAC) warehouse with plenty of room for your product storage and shipping needs. Some of the responsibilities that we are happy to remove from your plate are as follows:

  • Keeping up to date with current storage and OSHA regulations
  • Real-Time Inventory of products
  • Inspection of products
  • Order Processing
  • Order Packing
  • Order Shipping
  • Receiving/Storage of Returns

Upon deciding that this service is the right fit for you, we will start by setting up your own personal fulfillment account. Once your fulfillment account is set up, a balance of $1,000.00 USD is required to be kept in the account. All shipping, fulfillment and storage charges will be deducted from this balance and we will notify you to replenish when it starts to run low. This makes the order fulfillment service very convenient because you will not have to deal with monthly invoices to keep track of, or pay.

Once in the fulfillment account, you will be able to view all of the order details. This includes; orders emailed over from the shopping cart, ship date, customer name, order amount, order number, tracking info., carrier, type of service, fulfillment charge, shipping charge, monthly storage charge, product inventory, account balance, deductions/credits to the account.

It’s as simple as setting up your online shopping cart to send a copy of your client’s order to your personal fulfillment account at Vitamix Labs, we’ll take care of the rest.