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Commack, New York —Vitamix Laboratories, contract manufacturer of Dietary supplements and Nutraceuticals, announced today it has earned organic certification under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for its manufacturing facility.

“Through the USDA Organic Certification process, we have established organic production and handling systems to complement our current rigorous supplement-safety management systems,” said Michael Koschitz, President of Vitamix Laboratories. “By earning organic certification, we will be able to meet our customers’ needs for organic ingredients and faster development of new opportunities within the ever-growing organic market.”

Vitamix Labs Earns USDA National Organic Program






To Read The Full Press Release On Vitamix Laboratories USDA Organic Certification, Click Here

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Natural Products Insider Hails Bitter Orange As A Key Thermogenic Ingredient

The May/June publication of “Natural Products Insider” mentions bitter orange
(as Advantra Z) as being a key thermogenic ingredient in helping with weight loss.

Bitter orange is actually a plant and the oil is made from its peel. However, the juice, leaf, fruit, peel and flower are also used to create ingredients. It can be consumed or applied to your skin and may help with many different ailments.

Thermogenic ingredients help to boost weight loss and raise your metabolism. Thermogenesis is the way heat is produced in the body and this boosts your resting metabolic rate.

Beta-3 receptors are activated by bitter orange and that’s how thermogenesis is triggered in the first place. While you’re working out, your muscles are broken down and then, as you recover, they build up again. If you use bitter orange (as Advantra Z) and also consume caffeine, you’ll decrease the stress associated with exercise in adults.

In 2011, a study conducted in the US revealed that if you consumed bitter orange extract (as Advantra Z) along with green tea extract and caffeine, your fat oxidation would increase but there wouldn’t be a higher level of stress in your cardiovascular system.

Bitter orange may help clear up fungal infections and athlete’s foot when applied to the affected areas. It may also help reduce nasal congestion and ease an upset stomach.

The flower and oil may be used to heal gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, intestinal ulcers and blood in your stool. It may help to reduce blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. It may also help with diseases of the bladder, kidneys, gallbladder and liver.

Vitamix Laboratories, a dietary supplement manufacturer, offers a liquid supplement, VitaSlim Ultra, which includes a safe dosage of bitter orange extract (Advantra Z). VitaSlim Ultra is available for Private Labeling, with very low minimums. This product comes in a 2oz. bottle with dropper, and is very convenient and affordable to brand with your logo and company information.

According to an article published by researchers Brian Feldman and Peter Malloy in 2013 in the Modern Endocrinology magazine- “Obesity reflects an imbalance between energy storage and energy expenditure and is strongly associated with metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, there are important medical and biological implications for elucidating the mechanisms that promote energy expenditure in humans.”

If you intend to market weight loss products containing bitter orange, Vitamix Laboratories is the ideal place to assist with your Private Label requirements.

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EGCG: Dr. Oz Touts Benefits For Lowering Ovarian Cancer Risk

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most plentiful catechin in tea and is a very powerful antioxidant that can help with lots of different health issues. Well-known TV doctor, Dr. Oz, recently revealed that drinking green tea (containing the highest amount of EGCG) may help to reduce the risk of contracting many forms of cancer and, specifically, ovarian cancer.

Apart from water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. A study conducted in China with over 1000 women who drank four or more cups of green tea or oolong tea per day showed that their risk of contracting ovarian cancer reduced by a whopping 82%.

Tea Leaves

Click here to check out our Private Label Green Tea Extract Liquid.

Based on published research, it appears that the cancerous cells are destroyed by the EGCG in the tea before they have the chance to spread through the ovaries and to other parts of the body. It’s important to understand that although this article is only about ovarian cancer, it appears EGCG may also greatly reduce the risk of contracting many other forms of cancer at the same time.

Dr. Oz’s guest on his show, Dr. William Li, is a cancer researcher. He explained that tea also contains flavonoids, which account for approx. 1/3 of the weight of the tea. EGCG is the most powerful of all flavonoids. It’s a core constituent of both oolong and green tea and it can potentially kill ovarian cancer cells before they can spread.

Studies have shown that EGCG causes a process known as apoptosis to occur in cancerous cells. This process (apoptosis) means “the death of a cell” and means it prevents cancer cells in ovaries, the liver, prostate, breasts and lungs from growing and multiplying while protecting the healthy cells from additional attacks.

The substance hinders DNA methyltransferase and telomerase, two enzymes that are involved in cellular immortality and cancer gene expression thus meaning that the cells are no longer immortal.

It’s obvious that everybody wants to avoid getting all forms of cancer. Even the smallest cancerous cells can cause a wide array of problems and result in surgery and/or chemotherapy and other treatments. Whether it’s benign or malignant is also a huge issue for anybody who is diagnosed to face.

Having surgery for cancer can be extremely painful but it’s the recovery time that can be even more difficult to manage, depending on the severity of the disease. Regardless, there will be a period of healing and, hopefully, the cancerous cells will be removed.

Vitamix Labs

If you can avoid having surgery or chemotherapy in the first place, wouldn’t you drink some tea or take a regular green tea extract? This is obviously a rhetorical question.

Lots of people don’t like drinking tea for whatever reason. The positive news is that you can also get a green tea extract that contains 45-50% EGCG and take that instead of drinking lots of tea.

Vitamix Laboratories is a dietary supplement and vitamin manufacturer specializing in custom formulated products and private label supplements. This means that you can purchase a finished product, Green Tea Liquid Extract for example and we’ll create a new label containing all the product information and details about your company. Then you can sell these healthy green tea liquid products and make a tidy profit, while potentially helping people fight cancer, one of the harshest diseases known to man.

Vitamix Labs is a global company supplying more than 27 different brands in nine different countries around the world with their private label supplements. These brands are all dedicated to helping as many people to be free of cancer as possible. Surely there’s no nobler cause to be part of than that. The work has been done for you by Vitamix Labs so you don’t need to worry about manufacturing… focus your efforts on marketing. You have access to a premium supplement manufacturer any time you need them. There’s no need for storage or shipping because Vitamix Labs takes care of it all.

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Vitamin Business Startup Checklist

We’ve worked with many nutraceutical startups over the years, and time after time we hear that one of the most beneficial services we provide is our checklist of things to do before launching a nutritional supplement or vitamin product.  With this in mind, we’ve decided to post a “launch checklist” so that you can focus you attention on post-launch sales rather than cleaning up problems that could have been resolved with careful planning prior to launch.  Although this isn’t an exhaustive checklist, it should serve as a good starting point as you begin to conceptualize the direction and focus of your company and decide how you want to market your product. Whether you are trying to open a home business selling vitamins, or simply expanding your website to sell supplements online, this checklist will help get you on the way to success.

As you go through the following list, be sure to write out any ideas or questions that you have on a notepad.  These notes will allow you to focus on areas of your business plan that need to be formulated more concisely and will give you a better understanding of different issues that may require further research.


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Things You Should Know Before Requesting a Price Quote

When you’re submitting a price quote it’s important to educate yourself on the average costs of ingredients and the format of the health supplement you are requesting (powder, pill, liquid etc.).

It’s a lot like buying a car.  You wouldn’t just walk on the lot point to some shiny red thing with wheels and say “that one.”  You’d do your homework, and research online fuel economy, handling, how well certain cars hold their value over others, and more.  And if you were interested in extras, like that new “Bose Surround Sound” system, you’d find out the average cost for this too.  Vitamin contract manufacturing is very similar, and it’s important to understand what you are willing to pay for a certain formulation and what “extras” like colors and flavors might cost you.

Before you submit a price quote, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to manufacture, and an approximation of the product’s formula.  (more…)

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How the FDA Regulates Dietary Supplements

Over the past couple decades millions of Americans have started taking some form of dietary supplement to improve their health and well-being.  As defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements not only include the vitamins and minerals that many people are familiar with, but herbs, amino acids, extracts and concentrates, metabolites, and even enzymes that are taken by mouth.

The reasons that people take dietary supplements are as vast and diverse as the supplements themselves.  A pregnant mother may take a supplement to aid in the developmental health of her future child while another individual may take supplements to improve or maintain his cardiac health.


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What is Drop Shipping?

A drop shipping program allows home retailers to sell vitamins without keeping a physical inventory.  It sounds strange at first to be selling a product that you don’t actually have in your possession, but the process is actually quite simple.  In a nutshell, you advertise and promote a vitamin product, then when you receive an order, you notify your drop shipper who then sends the product out to your client.  Your profit is the difference between what the wholesaler who drop ships changes you, and what you charge your client.

As a first step in utilizing drop shipping, you need to find a wholesaler that has a well developed drop shipment program for vitamins(more…)

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Should I Sell Vitamin Supplements?

So for a long time now you have been hearing about neighbors, friend, and relatives starting up vitamin supplement businesses.  The idea seems tempting, but is there really monetary success awaiting you in that land of Vitamin-C sunshine and CoQ-10 mountains, or will you get caught in a river of generic multivitamins

Let’s consider the facts.

Our economy is down.  There’s very little disputing that, and even by the most optimistic projections, it will likely be several years before we see a substantial recovery.  As a sign of the times many people are losing their jobs, and businesses are cutting back on benefits for employees.

So what does all of this have to do with selling vitamins?  Well, with all of these layoffs and cutbacks more and more people are finding themselves without health care.  (more…)

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Be Your Own Boss: Start a Home Business Selling Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Are you sick of your job?  Perhaps you’re looking for a little extra cash, but need something that provides you with flexible hours.  Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of striking, creating your own business, being your own boss.  No matter what your situation is, starting a home business selling health products can provide you with a satisfying business opportunity to expand your financial horizon.

One of the advantages of selling health supplements like vitamins is that you don’t really need a lot of capital to get started.  In fact, many vitamin or nutritional supplement companies will allow you to buy products on credit, so with a relatively small investment you can start your own business.  However, like anything, it’s buyer beware, and you should make sure to do your research and find out what products are selling well before you buy.


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