The May/June publication of “Natural Products Insider” mentions bitter orange
(as Advantra Z) as being a key thermogenic ingredient in helping with weight loss.

Bitter orange is actually a plant and the oil is made from its peel. However, the juice, leaf, fruit, peel and flower are also used to create ingredients. It can be consumed or applied to your skin and may help with many different ailments.

Thermogenic ingredients help to boost weight loss and raise your metabolism. Thermogenesis is the way heat is produced in the body and this boosts your resting metabolic rate.

Beta-3 receptors are activated by bitter orange and that’s how thermogenesis is triggered in the first place. While you’re working out, your muscles are broken down and then, as you recover, they build up again. If you use bitter orange (as Advantra Z) and also consume caffeine, you’ll decrease the stress associated with exercise in adults.

In 2011, a study conducted in the US revealed that if you consumed bitter orange extract (as Advantra Z) along with green tea extract and caffeine, your fat oxidation would increase but there wouldn’t be a higher level of stress in your cardiovascular system.

Bitter orange may help clear up fungal infections and athlete’s foot when applied to the affected areas. It may also help reduce nasal congestion and ease an upset stomach.

The flower and oil may be used to heal gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, intestinal ulcers and blood in your stool. It may help to reduce blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. It may also help with diseases of the bladder, kidneys, gallbladder and liver.

Vitamix Laboratories, a dietary supplement manufacturer, offers a liquid supplement, VitaSlim Ultra, which includes a safe dosage of bitter orange extract (Advantra Z). VitaSlim Ultra is available for Private Labeling, with very low minimums. This product comes in a 2oz. bottle with dropper, and is very convenient and affordable to brand with your logo and company information.

According to an article published by researchers Brian Feldman and Peter Malloy in 2013 in the Modern Endocrinology magazine- “Obesity reflects an imbalance between energy storage and energy expenditure and is strongly associated with metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, there are important medical and biological implications for elucidating the mechanisms that promote energy expenditure in humans.”

If you intend to market weight loss products containing bitter orange, Vitamix Laboratories is the ideal place to assist with your Private Label requirements.