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Start an Online Vitamin Store in 30 Minutes or Less

Many individuals want to sell vitamins online but find the whole process intimidating.  “I don’t know how to program, so how can I possibly set up a site?” they ask.  Well, it’s a lot simpler than many people think.  In fact, if you have a Facebook or Myspace account, then setting up a web page will be second nature.  And if you don’t, no worries, there’s tons of free support software out there to show you how step-by-step.

The first thing you need to do when you are creating a website is register a “domain name.”A domain name is that thingy that you type in to go to a website (e.g. ).  You can register a domain name at many different sites, but some of the most popular are “GoDaddy” (, “Yahoo Business”, “” (, and “directNIC” (  Prices for domain registration are pretty cheap, and usually range between $3-$20.  Of course, if you don’t mind your website domain including the name of the site you purchased it from, you can often get free domains (i.e.

When you are choosing a domain name, think carefully.  You want the name to be easy to remember and reflect the type of business you are running.  Avoid the classic mistake of many newbies to e-commerce and stay away from naming your site some long name that is difficult for customers to remember (i.e. and opt for something that’s simple and reflects your business (i.e.

Once you’ve settled on a domain name and steered clear of naming it after your pet or favorite Guns ‘N Roses song, it’s time to actually create your site.  “What?” you ask, “Didn’t I just register my domain, and isn’t that my site?”  Nope.  All that you’ve done at this point is reserve the location of your site.  (more…)

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Benefits of Liquid vs Pill Vitamin Supplements

Although in the past most, if not all, dietary supplements were only available in pill form, many companies are now producing liquid supplements.  But is there any real advantage to taking a liquid supplement over a pill?

Well, when you take a solid supplement it must be broken down by your stomach’s digestive enzymes before it can be absorbed by the body.  Liquid supplements on the other hand can be absorbed rapidly by the body with little or no chemical breakdown.

Because the vitamins and minerals are rapidly absorbed they are available right away for your body to use.  This contrasts with solid supplements which may take hours to get into your system.  The high absorption rate of liquid supplements also ensures your body can utilize many of the vitamins which might otherwise have gone undigested and passed out as solid waste.

Liquid supplements are also indisputably easier to take than pills or tablets.  (more…)

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Benefits of Powder vs Pill Vitamin Supplements

Although several vitamin and nutritional supplements are available in both pill and powder form, powder has several advantages over pill supplements.

Like liquid supplements, powder is more rapidly absorbed by the body than a supplement contained in pill form.  This is one of the reasons that protein powders are superior to protein pills.  Although the topic is hotly debated, many body building experts believe that the ideal time for protein absorption is immediately after exercise.  If you take your protein in pill form, your body isn’t able to utilize the protein in the pill for hours.

In addition, many supplements that are available in powder form are soluble, or dissolvable, in water.  This allows individuals to take their supplements in liquid form, which is both preferable and easier for many people.


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5 Tips for Selling Bodybuilding Supplements

Are you trying to pump up the sales of your body building supplements? Then get to work on these five tips for becoming a power seller!

  1. Know the top selling supplements.  A quick search on Google will pull up some of the highest grossing sellers.  However, be sure to look at several websites because many articles will be cleverly disguised ads aimed at selling you a certain company’s product.
  2. Go to your customers and don’t wait for them to come to you.  If you’re a personal trainer, you’re already living the dream, but for the rest of us this may mean doing a little research.  Check out upcoming events in your area, and think about setting up concessions at events involving physical strength and stamina.  You can also make deals with gyms to sell your product, but be ready for hefty concession fees.
  3. (more…)

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How to Design a Vitamin Brochure


When designing a vitamin brochure you’re faced with the difficult task of getting your selling points across to potential customers within a very small space.  Much like articles on the Internet, most people will only read one or two paragraphs before moving on to something else, and in the case of a brochure, the next stop is probably the trash.  Like many things in life, less is definitely more, and if you can tell your consumer a compelling story about why they need your product with just a few paragraphs and pictures, you’re likely to land a sale.

Determine Your Audience and their Interests

  • Who would purchase this product?. Who would benefit the most from taking it?  Are they young or old?  Blue collar or white collar?  Are you trying to sell supplements to body builders?  Or is football season coming up and are you trying to market protein powder to local teams?  Whoever your audience is, adapt the theme and tone of your language accordingly.


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5 Tips for Selling Vitamin Supplements Online

So you’ve decided to sell vitamins via the vast online marketplace of the worldwide web?  Then check out these five tips so that you don’t drown in the sea of e-commerce!

  1. Know what the top-selling products are.  One of the best ways to get an idea of what is really selling well is to ask local vitamin stores or markets what their best selling product is. Sometimes this will vary seasonally (Vitamin-C gets a boost in sales when the cold season hits during the winter), so be sure to keep up on new trends, both by talking to vendors and by searching the net.
  2. Spend money to make money.  This might run counter to common sense, but spending money on advertisements can give your vitamin company the boost in sales you’ve been looking for.  (more…)
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