A drop shipping program allows home retailers to sell vitamins without keeping a physical inventory.  It sounds strange at first to be selling a product that you don’t actually have in your possession, but the process is actually quite simple.  In a nutshell, you advertise and promote a vitamin product, then when you receive an order, you notify your drop shipper who then sends the product out to your client.  Your profit is the difference between what the wholesaler who drop ships changes you, and what you charge your client.

As a first step in utilizing drop shipping, you need to find a wholesaler that has a well developed drop shipment program for vitamins This is easy to do, and a quick search of the internet will yield several major drop shippers (learn more about Vitamix Labs’ private label products and vitamin drop ship program.)   Next, shop around and find out which wholesale is offering the best price for the product you are trying to sell.  Because the wholesale market is so competitive, prices will often change from week to week, so it pays (literally) to do your homework and keep abreast of changes in the market.

After you select which wholesaler is the right drop shipper for you, it is time to advertise.  Many people utilize websites to promote their products, while others prefer the face-to-face approach.  A major advantage of using drop shipping is that you can offer your customers a wide variety of vitamins without having to worry about storing stock or products expiring if they don’t sell in a timely manner. The more experienced vitamin drop ship companies also offer additional design services to create successful ad campaigns. Take advantage of this and build a catalog which is as broad and diverse as the population you are marketing to.

On a technical side note make sure that you are aware of the shipping and handling rates of your drop shipper.  While some charge you a flat rate, many will vary their rates according to distance shipped from their facility and the time frame of the request.  So watch out and include this cost in your pricing, because a next-day shipment from a San Diego manufacture to Los Angeles might be relatively inexpensive, but a shipment to Nome, Alaska might cost you an arm and a leg!