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 Private Label Supplement Manufacturer in USA

There are many private label supplement manufacturers in the industry, and choosing one becomes a crucial task before starting your own supplement business.

There are some factors to look out for when choosing the best private label supplement manufacturer. The manufacturer must:

  1. Ensure the safety of all their supplement products while strictly adhering to all applicable standards.
  2. Only use the best raw materials and ingredients available in the market.
  3. Be fully equipped and be equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory.
  4. Must provide all their customers with a consistent and streamlined service.
  5. Offer services at affordable prices.
  6. Have a fast turnaround time for your products.
  7. Be FDA approved or have other third-party certifications.
  8. Produce organic nutritional supplements from certified organic facilities.
  9. Respect the confidentiality of their clients and ensure that formula accuracy is maintained.
  10. Provide their customers with everything needed to create the best private label supplements in the industry.

Affordability: A full-service vitamins and nutritional supplements manufacturer can offer round-the-clock affordable solutions to all your private label supplement requirements. They should provide premium quality ingredients at a much lower price than the market and keep your profits at priority.

Manufacturing practices: Next, you should take note of their manufacturing facility. As days go by, newer technology equipment becomes available in the market to produce, package, and distribute nutritional supplements. They should handle any size production run and manufacture private label supplements efficiently and quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards. A good manufacturer will have a world-class manufacturing facility to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. Every supplement we produce is tested, verified, and approved by our team. They should have on-site nutritionists who will help you create a formula that works for you and your customers.

Labeling: They should help you stand out among the rest, whether you are just starting or have an established company with lots of production capacity. They should design and print labels, packaging, label printing, bottling, and other requirements while ensuring that your products are handled with the utmost care. With on-site graphic designers, they should assist you in bringing your vision to life.

The bottom line, they should help you create high-quality multivitamins or nutraceuticals or a protein powder. Our team will work around the clock to ensure that your private label supplement meets all your requirements, budget, and timeframe. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

Top Private Label Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

ThomasNet ranks the USA’s top supplement producers based on their annual sales.

Makers Nutrition: Makers Nutrition, based in Commack, New York, topped the charts with more than $70 million in sales and over 100 employees. They are experts in capsules and tablets, powders, soft gels, soft gels, gummies, and tablet manufacturing. They have pioneered the concept of a single-source solution for private label contract manufacturing, graphic design, packaging, and fulfillment services. Major retailers like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, eBay, Sam’s Club, and Amazon have partnered with Makers Nutrition.

  • Certifications: Good Manufacturing Practices and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are also NSF GMP-audited. Makers Nutrition is also a Natural Products Association (NPA) member and is Dun and Bradstreet certified.
  • Services provided: They offer a variety of private label stock formulas, including soft gel, capsule, tablet, powder, gummies, flavor systems, bodybuilding, and sports nutrition as well as pet vitamins, vitamin manufacture, probiotics, packaging, and label design, logistics and warehousing.

Vitajoy USA: Vitajoy USA, based in Chino, California, was founded in 2005 with between 10 – 49 employees. It was established in 2005 with approximately $25 – 49.9 million in sales. Vitajoy is a leader in biotech integration of research, production, and trade. Their focus has been on developing, producing, and selling amino acids, herbal extracts, soft gels, gummies, and nutritional supplements. There are over 500 raw materials and products. Vitajoy USA headquarters are located in California, New Jersey, and Georgia.

  • Certifications: There are no official certifications on their official website.
  • Services: They offer capsules, tablets, and soft gels. They can sell raw materials as well as finished products to private label sellers. Buyers can request samples or additional services from their in-house specialists.

Atlantic Essential Products, Inc.: Atlantic Essential Products, Inc., a New York-based company with between 50 and 99 employees, was next on the list with approximately $10 to 24.9 million sales. Multivitamins and weight loss supplements, meal substitute powders. Fruit berry powders. Detox products, herbal products. Antioxidants, men’s sexual enhancements. Prenatal supplements. Custom supplements. Custom vitamins. Green food products. Sports supplements. Resveratrol products.

  • Certifications: Good Manufacturing Practices, USDA, UL and NSF, Quality Assurance International, (QAI), Natural Health Products Directorate, Canada certified. American Herbal Products Association, Member of Natural Products Association. All of their ingredients are Kosher-certified.
  • Products and services offered: Capsule manufacturing, manufacturing quality assurance, packaging, marketing services, powder manufacturing, and export documentation.

ABCO Laboratories: ABCO Laboratories, based in Fairfield, California, with around 100-199 employees, is next on the list, with sales of approximately $1023.9 million. ABCO was founded in 1964 and offered many services and products. They offer dietary supplements that include minerals, herbs/botanicals, ready-to-drink products, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, chewable tablets, and enzymes. Additional services include product packaging and distribution, research and development, and product packaging.

  • Certifications: FDA approved, USDA, SQF Food Safety Certification, Audit Score 99 – Excellent, Organic Certified Processor/Manufacturer of Organic Goods – QAI, Kosher, Halal, Organic Processed Product Registration, Processed Food Registration, Drug Manufacturing License, Cannery License, and Pet Food Production License.
  • Services: The facility is 100% solar-powered and has 200,000 square feet of warehouse space. They also offer a dry batch blend (up to 15000 lbs). They offer Batch Processed Liquid and Semi-solid Blending (up to 2000 Gallons), Grinding, Milling, High-Speed Encapsulation, High-speed Automated Tablet Compression, and Semi-solid Mixing (up to 15000 lbs). They also provide on-site quality control.

Nutra Solutions USA: Nutra Solutions, a company based in Deer Park, New York, with 50-99 employees, was on the next list with sales of approximately $1023.9 million. They provide contract manufacturing, dosage technologies, and packaging services. They offer dietary supplements, sports, nutrition, vitamins, and whey proteins in capsules, tablets, soft gels, and gummies, as well as energy drink mixes.

  • Certifications: FDA registered facility. GMP, QAI, gluten-free, no GMO ingredients. Halal, Kosher, and California Prop 65 certified. Member of American Herbal Products Association, Natural Products Association (NPA), American Herbal Products Association.
  • Services provided: Custom manufacturing, custom formulations, custom packaging, specialty service, stock formulas, stock soft gels, stock gummies, herbal extracts, and tinctures. Turnkey: Encapsulation, labeling and formulating, blending, powder-filling, consulting, technical and analytical services, graphic designing and planning, dry and wet granulation, and cGMP manufacturing.

Tishcon Corp: Tishcorn Corp, a Westbury, New York-based company with between 10 and 49 employees, was next on the list with sales of approximately $10 to 24.9 million. Tishcon is a contract producer of nutraceuticals and vitamins as well as herbal remedies. They offer organic, vegan, herbal, and All-Natural products.

  • Certifications: NSF approved. Member of American Herbal Products Association, American Herbal Products Association, Nourish America, and Good Omega-3.
  • Products and services offered: Capsules, tablets, powders, or soft gels are all available. They offer the widest range of packaging services: Blister Packaging and Cartons, Induction Sealing. Jars, bottles, packets, single-dose packaging, multi-dose packaging, pouch packaging, powder packaging, shrink wrapping.

AIE Pharmaceuticals: Based in Ontario, California, AIE Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1995 and had approximately $10 – 24.9 million in sales. Products include functional foods, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and nutritional supplements. They are experts in producing bulk raw materials, capsules and tablets, and powder drink mix.

  • Certifications: FDA Certified and licensed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Free Sale Certificate. Manufacturer Certificate. Export Certificate. Halal Certificate. Certificate of Analysis. Certificate of Origin.
  • Services provided: Private labeling, color coating, powder filling and blending, tableting and capsule services ImmunPro Formula, Custom Manufacturing Tableting and Coating Contract Packaging Custom Blending Wholesale bulk products Wholesale Raw Materials. They export to Canada, Central America, Mexico, and Turkey.

WeDoPrivateLabel: WeDoPrivateLabel, a New York-based company with 100-199 employees, was the next on the list with sales of $5-9.9 million. They specialize in nutritional supplements. Products are available in capsules, soft gels, and tablets.

  • Certifications: There are no certifications listed on their official website.
  • Services: Private custom label design, product printing, custom formula mixing, custom flavor matrix, advanced packaging, shipping, sports nutrition, supplement manufacturing, capsule, tablet, and capsule production.

Matsun Nutrition: Matsun Nutrition, a Murrieta-based company with between 10 and 49 employees, was next on the list with approximately $5 to 9.9 million in sales. They also offer custom nutraceuticals and private label Nutra products. They offer a variety of products, including liquid vitamins, daily multivitamins, and organic vitamins. GNC, Costco wholesale, and Sprouts farmers markets are some of the major retail shops that have partnered with them.

  • Certifications: GMP and FDA certified. They were made in the USA certification, compliant with NASC guidelines for pet supplements manufacturers.
  • Services provided: Custom label design, shipping logistics, batching and custom flavoring, shelf-life stability testing, research and development, custom flavoring. Stock formulas for acne skin, ADD/ADHD multivitamins, appetite, antioxidants, calcium & magnesium support and CoQ10, Energy & Stress, hair/skin/nails. Immune support, neurological Brain Health, prenatal multivitamins, ketones, sleep aid, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B supplements.

Randal Optimal Nutrients LLC: Randal Optimal Nutrients LLC, based in Santa Rosa, California, is next on the list with approximately $59.9 million in sales. Many products are available, including soft gels and tablets, capsules and tablets, and powders of micro-and macronutrients and vitamins.

  • Certifications: GMP/NSF certified, 70 years’ experience. On request, product liability insurance certificate.
  • Services offered: Packaging, printing and labeling, ingredient testing, encapsulation, tablet compression, finishing, and product formulations–an extensive range of finished products, technical support, manufacturing lead time.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.: Bio-Tech Pharmacal Inc is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, founded in 1985. It employs approximately 10 to 49 people with sales of approximately $59.9 million. Products include nutritional, food, and herbal supplements for joints and bones, digestive, immune and cognitive, metabolic, cardio, metabolism, energy, memory, and eye and men’s health. Products can include acids, antioxidants, extracts, vitamins, minerals vitamins, oils, and fish oil. You can purchase them in capsules, soft gel, powder, or oil form.

  • Certifications: Kosher Certified (product dependent), Halal Certified (product dependent), GMP registered, and FDA registered.
  • Services provided: Bio-Tech Pharmaceuticals provides manufacturing and research services for nutraceuticals and supplements. All-inclusive services for the formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of nutritional supplements. Our industry experience spans over 35 years. We manufacture high-quality nutraceuticals, vitamins, and dietary supplements.

Vitamix Laboratories, based in Commack, New York, is one such private label manufacturer, and a globally recognized contract manufacturer.

  • Certifications: Vitamix is a registered facility of the Food and Drug Association (FDA), Quality Assurance International, Quality Assurance International, and Vitamix has been certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Quality Assurance International (QAI), Food and Drug Associations (FDA), as well as the National Organic Programs (NOP) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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 Supplement Manufacturers Private Label – A Detailed Review

Many people opt to buy vitamin supplements and herbal medicine over-the-counter to safeguard their health, with the most common assumption that they are regulated as drugs. Supplements are not subject to the same quality standards as pharmaceuticals. We have created specific quality standards and a verification procedure for health products to give manufacturers the tools to protect their customers’ health; the USP Verified Mark is such a sign that a brand’s product has been vetted and is safe to consume.

It is only natural that you want to share your passion for health and fitness with others if you take it seriously. It is an exciting way to make your passion for health and wellness a profitable business. 

Private label supplement companies cater to entrepreneurs just like yourself, making dreams a reality. This guide will help you identify the most important things to consider when searching for the right private label supplement company. It also highlights the common pitfalls that newcomers should avoid.

What is a private label manufacturer?

Private label supplement manufacturers partner with entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their line of nutritional supplements. These companies possess the production and expertise to produce various nutritional supplements for consumers interested in wellness and health products. These producers have a range of products that you can tailor to suit various budgets, from ready-to-market, pre-formulated supplements to custom blending capabilities

How to choose a private supplement manufacturer?

These private label companies are a plethora of nutritional supplement producers. The sheer volume of options available can make it difficult for newcomers to the market. We have compiled a list to help you cut through the noise when browsing these companies’ websites. A manufacturer that checks all the boxes above is likely to be a good partner for private label supplement companies.

  1. Private label supplement manufacturers often focus on a specific type of product, just like any other large industry. Many specialize in vitamins and other capsule-based products. Others focus on nutritional or protein powders. Still, others concentrate on all-natural, plant-based, or organic products. It is important to find a company with the same focus to create supplements aligned with your vision.
  2. Niche Certification Capabilities: If you are passionate about creating a nutritional supplement with a particular certification (organic or non-GMO), ensure that the private supplement producers you are vetting can make products that comply with the certification guidelines. All supplements must be made under strict manufacturing processes to be vegan, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Partnering with a producer who can produce your product within the required certification parameters is a good way to get into specialized markets.
  3. Domestic Production Facilities: The FDA regulates nutrition supplements in the United States, which should provide additional assurance to you and your customers that an official government agency produces your products. Private supplement manufacturers may not source their raw ingredients or produce their products in the United States. Private label nutrition producers that source their raw ingredients from overseas may not meet FDA standards, exposing your new brand to legal problems if a product doesn’t comply with safety standards. While nutritional supplements made elsewhere may seem cheaper, the product’s final cost could be higher if you don’t do your research. Ask about the safety and quality assurances that are in place if ingredients must be imported from abroad. No matter where your production facility is located, certification by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturer gives you additional assurance that your product meets a set of quality standards.
  4. Third-Party Quality Assurance: The FDA regulates dietary supplements, but it doesn’t test products to ensure they aren’t misbranded or adulterated. The manufacturer is responsible for this task. A few organizations offer third-party quality assurance testing, which can increase confidence in your products. NSF International, USP, and offer third-party certification programs. The final products must be tested for the correct ingredients and potency to gain certification. Additional testing is done to verify the freshness and purity to ensure that supplements are free from toxins.
  5. Industry Leader: There are many benefits to working with a leading private company in the dietary supplement industry. Their reputation is established. It will be easier to find reviews from customers who have worked with them. It will let you know what to expect, handle deadlines and produce quality products that customers love. A company with a track record in the industry will likely have a simpler onboarding process for customers. Industry newcomers will appreciate the assistance of a professional to help them make the most of the many decisions, including picking the right formulations, selecting the product quantities, and choosing between the packaging options. It’s not always possible to order large quantities of every product in your brand’s line when trying to establish it. If your initial product sales are slow, it is worth looking for a private label manufacturer to produce a smaller quantity of your product, which can reduce your costs and help you avoid any problems with expired inventory.

Other services offered by Supplement Manufacturers Private label:

Supplement companies offer more than the product. Manufacturers can offer additional services to help make your product more attractive to consumers. It will also make it easier for you to manage your business. Packaging and branding often play a significant role in the success or failure of any consumer product.

  1. Branding: Your products will be more distinctive if you have a unique brand. Private label supplement manufacturers often offer custom branding or pre-designed stock branding. If you have the funds to do it yourself, custom branding can elevate your brand beyond the generic stock options provided by most producers. Need help with branding and label design? Get in touch with a private label manufacturer with an in-house graphic designer to cater to your needs.
  2. Bottles and packaging: There are many options for customization when it comes to packaging and bottles. There are many options, from custom packaging to standard sizes and shapes of bottles. There are many colors available for gelatin capsules. Private label supplement producers will offer various options so that your products perfectly align with your vision.
  3. Shrink Labels and Labels: Many private label manufacturers of supplement brands will allow you to use their stock labels. Working with a custom label partner that can create custom supplement labels will give you additional customization options than working directly with the manufacturer. You can make your brand stand out from the rest by using shrink labels or custom labels, giving you an advantage in a highly competitive market.
  4. Shipping regulations: You have now found a private label manufacturer that shares your vision and has the product certifications and facility to ship the minimum order you require. But do they ship to your area? Check the shipping information for the manufacturer. Manufacturers keep inventory for a certain amount of time, sometimes from a few weeks to several months. After that, you must take possession of the product. It would be a good idea to review any shipping restrictions they may have posted on their website. For example, if they ship outside of the US or directly via Amazon.

Accelerated turnaround time: You might be one of those companies that can make it big quickly. The internet is full of examples of how viral businesses and brands can become. Is your private label supplement manufacturer able to keep up with your schedule? As your business grows, scheduling when you want to order additional products can be a problem. You may also have trouble managing your inventory